Sergio Pistoi

I am a freelance science writer and consultant with a PhD in molecular biology. My journalistic credits include international outlets such as Scientific American, the New Scientist, The Lancet, Nature, the US National Public Radio (NPR), as well as popular Italian publications such as Panorama, Le Scienze, Corriere della Sera, La Stampa. Sergio was an intern at Scientific American and a stringer for Reuters Health and the NPR.

He has also worked as a communication consultant and Public Information Officer for Telethon Italy and many corporate and academic organisations, including EU projects Biopop and ESTOOLS.

Sergio is a member of the US National Association of Science Writers (NASW), and the European Associations of Science Writers, EUSJA. Since 2010 he is a member of the Public Education Committee of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR). He lives in Italy and can be found on his page Greedy Brain

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Which is more wholesome: wild or farmed fish?Which is more wholesome: wild or farmed fish?

Science gives us a heads-up for choosing at the counter and helps in the struggle to save the global fish stocks

05 Jul 2016
Cyber attacks – Are smart cities safer or more vulnerable?Cyber attacks – Are smart cities safer or more vulnerable?

Does technology expose cities more to terrorist attacks? We asked urban technology expert Francis Pisani

25 May 2016
The Social Life of BricksThe Social Life of Bricks

A celebrity in the materials world, Mark Miodownik dreams of colour-changing walls and looks at the future of renewable buildings

20 Apr 2016
Power of the Sun. Dirt cheapPower of the Sun. Dirt cheap

In a world hungry for energy, top scientist Michael Grätzel hopes to make solar cells more affordable by copying photosynthesis

14 Mar 2016
Digging into the DNA for a successful dietDigging into the DNA for a successful diet

Genetically-tailored diets are in vogue. But do they work?

25 Feb 2016
Marco Lodesani: Lessons from the Italian ban on pesticidesMarco Lodesani: Lessons from the Italian ban on pesticides

Exposure to sub-lethal doses of neonicotinoids may have a long-term effect on bees. One of Italy’s top bee researchers recommends a ban on insecticide-coated seeds and in reintroducing rotating cultures against pests invasion.

02 May 2013
A sticky solution against beef bacteriaA sticky solution against beef bacteria

Scientists are targeting disease-causing bacteria present on cows’ skin as an attempt to prevent them from contaminating beef meat, and from posing a threat to consumers’ health. 

19 Feb 2013
Genetic testing in the steak-houseGenetic testing in the steak-house

DNA analyses may help select the best breeds by predicting how beef will taste once it reaches our palate

05 Nov 2012
Rust never sleeps: fighting corrosion with high-tech sensorsRust never sleeps: fighting corrosion with high-tech sensors

A new device designed to check for air corrosiveness in museums, could also find application in car and ship making industries

06 Sep 2012
Beauty is in the moth's eyesBeauty is in the moth's eyes

The eyes of nocturnal insects give researchers new ideas for anti-glare coatings.

18 Apr 2012
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