To print or not to print your meal: that is the questionTo print or not to print your meal: that is the question

What about a more chewable pasta or high protein cookies made with insects? 3D printed food seems an interesting solution for healthier eating, spending less time to prepare meals and even fighting world hunger. But an avant-garde chef such as Ferran Adrià doesn't seem that passionate about printing his dishes

August 2015
Food innovation ideas inside and outside Expo MilanFood innovation ideas inside and outside Expo Milan

Food innovation is generating many different products with a significant impact also on health, cultural entertainment, and food education

May 2015
3D printing to the rescue of gastronomy for frail seniors3D printing to the rescue of gastronomy for frail seniors

Researchers are now developing personalised food for elderly people with chewing or swallowing problems, by working on printable versions of meat and vegetables

December 2014
Brown versus white bread: the battle for a fibre-rich dietBrown versus white bread: the battle for a fibre-rich diet

Choosing novel bread for its nutritious value without losing the attractiveness of white bread, is now possible thanks to European research

November 2014
Antonio Marques – Improving seafood safetyAntonio Marques – Improving seafood safety

New research is underway that aims to improve detection of seafood contaminants that could be used in prevention and to assess their impact on public health.

June 2014
Putting the sunshine vitamin in the spotlightPutting the sunshine vitamin in the spotlight

Food-based solutions are being devised to counter the ‘vitamin D winters'.

May 2014
Anne Raben – Diet and exercise combinations to counter type-2 diabetesAnne Raben – Diet and exercise combinations to counter type-2 diabetes

Obesity puts people at risk of type-2 diabetes. But new research aims to find a combined diet-exercise prescription for keeping the optimal body weight, which may help prevent the disease. 

May 2014
Mum’s diet mirrors child’s food allergiesMum’s diet mirrors child’s food allergies

A long-term study evaluating maternal diet’s impact on food allergy in later life is expected to uncover causes of allergy in children

April 2014
Eating Insects - New Proteins for Farm AnimalsEating Insects - New Proteins for Farm Animals

It may not become your favorite dish, but in some parts of the world insects are considered a healthy and tasty source of food. In China animal farmers are using insects also as a low-cost and highly nutritious animal feed. Now nutrition experts are investigating how this protein-rich feed could be introduced to farmers in Europe. 

April 2014
Sophie Hieke - No ‘one size fits all’ for health claimsSophie Hieke - No ‘one size fits all’ for health claims

Health claims and symbols on food products could have a positive impact on public health. But there’s no clear view yet on what works best. 

March 2014
Diet’s impact on Alzheimer’s dementia testedDiet’s impact on Alzheimer’s dementia tested

A cocktail of ingredients containing omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oil is being tested in patients with mild cognitive impairment as a means to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s dementia down

February 2014
Good risk communication, safer foodGood risk communication, safer food

A new online resource provides advice to food safety communicators, to avoid knee-jerk reactions when food scares occur

February 2014
Smart and personal: dietary adviceSmart and personal: dietary advice

Tailoring people’s diet to optimise their health and minimise their risk of disease, is a new scientific approach called personalised nutrition. But it remains a challenge. 

January 2014
Looking inside food microstructuresLooking inside food microstructures

Applying imaging techniques to food structure is helping scientists devise ways of improving the quality of processed food

January 2014
Too tasty for your own goodToo tasty for your own good

Scientists are attempting to tackle obesity by exploring ways of helping people stay healthy. One research project aims at producing junk-free, albeit tasty, food, whereas another looks at better understanding food consumption stimuli.

December 2013
Hans van Goudoever - Right amount of fat and protein, key to babiesHans van Goudoever - Right amount of fat and protein, key to babies

A new research projects studies the nutrition of babies and infants as a means to improve dietary recommendations to young mothers

December 2013
Fighting the childhood obesity crisisFighting the childhood obesity crisis

Scientists are studying the genetic, social and dietary factors influencing child obesity.

December 2013
Recipe for food sovereigntyRecipe for food sovereignty

The actors of the food supply chain need to adapt their practice to ensure both safe and sustainable production while retaining their say on food sovereignty 

October 2013
Micronutrients intake mapped outMicronutrients intake mapped out

A new guiding framework is designed to help national governments determine recommended daily vitamins and minerals intake, depending on where they live in Europe. 

October 2013
Less salt, sugar and fat, same pleasureLess salt, sugar and fat, same pleasure

Researchers strive to drastically reduce the proportion of salt, sugar and fat, considered as factors of health risk in food. But keeping sensory and nutritional properties of foods intact is not so easy.

August 2013
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