A Green EnergyA Green Energy

The city of Västerås in Sweden has set up a large system of organic waste collection providing the city with biofuel, heat, electricity and even natural fertilizer for farmers

April 2008
Communist Heritage Turns GreenCommunist Heritage Turns Green

European architects and civil engineers succeeded to convert a panel housing block in Hungary into passive homes with a promising future

March 2008
Grey Water to Heat My HomeGrey Water to Heat My HomeIn several European countries grey water is used as an energy source for civil energy provision in cities. (Jun. '08)June 2008
Growing Ecologic BuildingsGrowing Ecologic Buildings

Non-residential buildings are becoming the new frontier of ecoconstruction. In Ljubljana, Slovenia, a shopping mall has been powered with renewable energy sources

April 2008
Heat from the Centre of the EarthHeat from the Centre of the Earth

Geothermal energy has always been used by man, but it wasn’t until the late 19th century that geothermal energy was “re-discovered” and used on an industrial scale

June 2008
Hydrogen Test DriveHydrogen Test Drive

Hydrogen as an energy carrier in fuel cells could provide in the next future a solution to worldwide rise of fuel prices.

June 2008
I Drive with your WasteI Drive with your Waste

In Lille, France, organic waste is now being collected to be transformed into biogas and used as fuel by city public transport.

April 2008
Power from the IslandsPower from the Islands

Three 65-metres high wind turbines are to forever change the face of the Högsåra archipelago off the coast of Finland. (May '08)

May 2008
Stop Wasting the WasteStop Wasting the Waste

These days, a walk with your loved one along the quiet alleyways of Naples’ old city centre will not induce any feelings of romance, that’s for sure...

May 2008
Efficient Buildings Key to Reduce Climate ChangeEfficient Buildings Key to Reduce Climate Change

For the first time “Buildings Day” is to be held on 3rd December 2015 as part of the official program at this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) in Paris. It’s a dedicated event to present how the building and construction sector is able to tackle climate change. 

November 2015
Wind turbines: new device to reduce noise and increase efficiencyWind turbines: new device to reduce noise and increase efficiency

Noise pollution is a big public concern associated with operating wind turbines. A group of European scientists claim to have found a solution to tackle this problem, assembling an innovative device on the blades. They are collaborating with a European project called Windtrust, which aims to reduce the cost of wind energy generation by further improving the reliability of key components of the turbine.

September 2015
A green revolution in the heart of SpainA green revolution in the heart of Spain

Today, buildings represent the sector with the highest energy consumption in Europe, covering almost 40 % of the energy demand.

April 2015
A Smart Building to save EnergyA Smart Building to save Energy

Boecillo in the province of Valladolid in Spain is a place exposed to an extreme temperature fluctuation: from above 30°C in summer down to below 0°C in winter. 

December 2014
Forecasting desert storms to empower solar panelsForecasting desert storms to empower solar panels

Solar energy is ever more becoming an important source of renewable power generation. A serious problem for the productivity of solar power plants is desert dust: it obscures the sun and makes the mirrors dirty. 

May 2014
Restore History and Save EnergyRestore History and Save Energy

A brand new window with thin-layer glazing combines energy efficiency with the aesthetics of a baroque window. 

January 2014
Most Sustainable Office in the WorldMost Sustainable Office in the World

In Munich, a newly erected office building, called the NuOffice, has been awarded with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certificate.

July 2013
The Ecological Badminton RobotThe Ecological Badminton Robot

A robot to play with! A childhood’s dream has now come true for researchers at the Flanders’ Mechatronics Technology Centre (FMTC) in Belgium. 

January 2013
The Ecologic Way to ParadiseThe Ecologic Way to Paradise

An energy-efficient church has been recently built in Norway by a pool of European designers and architects

May 2008
The End of Fossil EnergyThe End of Fossil Energy

Thanks to innovative techniques and a more ecological lifestyle, the municipality of Växjö, in Sweden, could be on its way to become the first fossil fuel free city in the world

April 2008
The Waltz of the MirrorsThe Waltz of the Mirrors

If less than 1% of the world’s deserts were used to concentrate solar power, enough electricity could be produced to supply the entire planet

June 2008