Greening our citiesGreening our cities

Solutions to halving energy consumption, costs and greenhouse emissions in cities may be on the horizon, as long as partners find suitable ways to cooperate

June 2014
Low energy district renovationLow energy district renovation

Renovations of entire districts, designed to reach near zero energy consumption, need to be replicable if they are to be widely adopted

December 2013
Rubén García: how to refurbish urban residential low energy districtsRubén García: how to refurbish urban residential low energy districts

Three cases studies will constitute the basis for developing an easily replicable strategy for renovating districts so that they reach near zero energy consumption

October 2013
The End of Fossil EnergyThe End of Fossil Energy

Thanks to innovative techniques and a more ecological lifestyle, the municipality of Växjö, in Sweden, could be on its way to become the first fossil fuel free city in the world

April 2008
Green Housing EstateGreen Housing Estate

Households and cars currently contribute to more than 50% of all energy consumption in the EU. Innovative energy-efficient architecture can help to bring this percentage down

November 2007