Solar Energy
Luigi Crema – how to make solar energy systems more widespreadLuigi Crema – how to make solar energy systems more widespread

A novel modular technology paves the way for a potential 50% decrease in monthly energy bills of public buildings 

January 2015
Forecasting desert storms to empower solar panelsForecasting desert storms to empower solar panels

Solar energy is ever more becoming an important source of renewable power generation. A serious problem for the productivity of solar power plants is desert dust: it obscures the sun and makes the mirrors dirty. 

May 2014
Global solar radiation mapGlobal solar radiation map

A new service is making high-resolution data of direct sunlight publicly available for users such as planners of large solar power systems 

February 2014
Jani Kivioja – Graphene: not just a Geek GambleJani Kivioja – Graphene: not just a Geek Gamble

The potential of the one carbon atom-thick wonder material has not escaped industry’s radar

October 2013
Andre Geim: graphene is only the beginningAndre Geim: graphene is only the beginning

Microscopic graphene flakes were isolated in 2010 and now the worldwide research looks for practical applications

October 2013
Nano-tuned Solar CellsNano-tuned Solar Cells

Solar cells that are more effective and cost less in production: European researchers developed nano-tuned surfaces to gain both.

May 2011
Nanostructures improve solar cell efficiencyNanostructures improve solar cell efficiency

To make solar cells a competitive alternative to other renewable energy sources, researchers are investigating different alternatives. A step in the right direction is through new processes that change the surfaces of silicon solar cells. By creating different nanostructures on the surfaces, the energy harvesting properties of solar cells can be improved

May 2011
Pushing the efficiency limit of solar cells furtherPushing the efficiency limit of solar cells further

Solar cell research is very hot and research laboratories are pushing solar efficiency to its limits. Many years remain before the market sees peak efficiency. However, a U.S.-based company recently set a world record for large area silicon wafers

July 2010
The latest developments in nanotechnology for solar energyThe latest developments in nanotechnology for solar energy

In the solar energy field researchers are using the latest developments in nanotechnology to work on very small solar cells. Researchers are testing different ways to make them more efficient. Flexible sheets of organic solar cells have entered another niche than silicon-based solar cells 

February 2011
When will solar power become competitive?When will solar power become competitive?

Researchers around the world are improving solar cell efficiency; however, high efficiency comes with a price and different factors affect their competitiveness

July 2010
The Waltz of the MirrorsThe Waltz of the Mirrors

If less than 1% of the world’s deserts were used to concentrate solar power, enough electricity could be produced to supply the entire planet

June 2008
Harnessing Solar EnergyHarnessing Solar Energy

The price of oil is going through the roof. There is concern about the protection of the environment and public health. These factors mean that we should look to renewable energy sources, which we already have at our disposal

February 2003
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