Italy, Vajont “tsunami” and Malborghetto-Valbruna floods: such different lessons from the pastItaly, Vajont “tsunami” and Malborghetto-Valbruna floods: such different lessons from the past

More and more frequent extreme weather events lead to new projects on risk management and spatial planning. Past experiences represent an added value and suggest the importance of greater involvement of local communities

July 2015
Preventing a Fukushima disaster in EuropePreventing a Fukushima disaster in Europe

Improved safety management and further collaboration between experts are required to minimise the risk of flooding at coastal nuclear plants in Europe

April 2015
Revolutionary System Monitors Water PollutionRevolutionary System Monitors Water Pollution

Scientists are developing a real-time monitoring system for offshore aquaculture, so fish and shellfish farmers can be warned in time and prevent epidemic.

October 2014
Early warning system for fish farmersEarly warning system for fish farmers

A novel autonomous biosensor may help scientists to detect environmental hazards in the sea at an early stage. But applying such approach to the marine environment is a huge challenge.

October 2014
When your water is contaminatedWhen your water is contaminated

Every year 300.000 Europeans are falling ill because of contaminated drinking water. A new high-speed test is being developed to identify the contamination of drinking water much faster than today and thus reduce the number of victims considerably.

March 2014
Wolfgang-Albert Flügel:  Scrutinising rivers upstreamWolfgang-Albert Flügel: Scrutinising rivers upstream

An integrated approach to better manage land use and the water resources of river systems aims at developing strategies for mitigating climate change impact

October 2013
David Kay: cleaning up Europe’s bathing watersDavid Kay: cleaning up Europe’s bathing waters

By investigating health risks associated with bathing waters, scientists are contributing to future reviews and revision of the EU’s Bathing Water Directive.

October 2013
Closing the water cycleClosing the water cycle

Combining advanced wastewater treatment technologies may enable industrial companies to use water in a more sustainable way. But the approaches are mainly suited for high-income countries. 

September 2013
Radar exposing water leaksRadar exposing water leaks

A wide range of technologies deal with water leaks. But the most recent innovative solutions aim to be far more effective than any other prior technologies.

August 2013
Sheltering rising population from storm waterSheltering rising population from storm water

Conventional solutions to the challenges in urban storm water need to be adjusted to deal with rising populations and diminishing space in cities at all stages of development 

July 2013
Crops watering by phoneCrops watering by phone

Thanks to a new app, smart phones could help monitor irrigation water use according to need. This could ensure that food is available on our table is the produced in a sustainable way.

July 2013
Precision irrigation for ornamental plantPrecision irrigation for ornamental plant

A prototype of precise irrigation system tested in Italy for ornamental plants nurseries as water shortage puts pressure on growers

July 2013
Troubled Danube’s waters, not up to standards yetTroubled Danube’s waters, not up to standards yet

The water quality of the Danube river has improved since measures to reduce pollution have been implemented in1995, but there are areas where the toxic waste loads are still high. 

July 2013
On the global water trailOn the global water trail

A comprehensive global water model offers a level of granularity of the impact of climate change down to the local level that could be used to better manage the likes of food production. 

July 2013
Marco Borga: Flash floods predictions, subject to models’ limitationsMarco Borga: Flash floods predictions, subject to models’ limitations

Preparing for extreme weather events that cannot precisely be anticipated, such as flash floods, is a challenge that can be addressed. But the predictions are only as good as the models used.

June 2013
Saving the blue waters pouring into the Black SeaSaving the blue waters pouring into the Black Sea

An early warning system of threats over freshwater resources in the Black Sea region is now available to policy makers. The onus remains on them to effectively preserve fresh water sources.

June 2013
Wetlands: value to locals matters mostWetlands: value to locals matters most

A new way of valuing ecosystem services, incorporating the local perspective, is the driving force behind a project assessing aquatic ecosystems in highland areas of Asia

May 2013
Local input key in multi-risk planning decisionsLocal input key in multi-risk planning decisions

Land use planning and management now has all the scientific tools required for decision making. But scientists have yet to have an opportunity to collaborate with local authorities to implement them.

May 2013
Purifying sludge through oxygen-based digestionPurifying sludge through oxygen-based digestion

An additive for oxygen-based processing of sludge may be useful in specific cases in lowering the environmental impact of waste water treatment for the meat and dairy industries

April 2013
Micha Werner: Drought vigilanceMicha Werner: Drought vigilance

New droughts forecasting models could help mitigate their consequences on African countries.

April 2013
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