How beneficial polyphenols truly are?How beneficial polyphenols truly are?

Scientifically proving the health benefits of polyphenols, particularly in reducing cardiovascular disease risks, can only be useful when taking into account how they fit in the body’s complexity

June 2013
Lars Ove Dragsted: can an apple a day really keep the doctor away?Lars Ove Dragsted: can an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

Studies of the bioactive compounds found in apples aim to uncover compounds that have an ability to prevent or alter the risk of serious ailments such as diabetes and heart disease.

March 2013
Realising the scale of chronic diseaseRealising the scale of chronic disease

The scale of the economic burden of chronic conditions dwarfs that of the economic crisis and climate change, suggesting the need for more prevention down to the individual level

October 2012
The Fish that Protects Your LifeThe Fish that Protects Your Life

European researchers explore the possibility to repair a heart after a myocardial infarction by an infusion of progenitor cells and developing a vaccination against atherosclerosis

November 2009
The Secret of Sudden DeathThe Secret of Sudden Death

Recent research points out how calcium ions can help preventing sudden heart death

May 2009
Healthy Heart's at HomeHealthy Heart's at Home

A new range of garments will soon be out. Gucci? Prada? - Not this time. The emphasis here is not fashion but prevention of chronic heart disease

October 2007