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18 December 2014
Multifold challenges for districts level retrofittingMultifold challenges for districts level retrofitting

Retrofitting a district is quite different from retrofitting a single building: the technological challenges involved are far greater.

17 December 2014
Pig plague threatens EuropePig plague threatens Europe

Europe’s valuable pig industry is threatened by a plague on its eastern borders with vast destructive potential known as African swine fever. Scientists are fighting back. 

16 December 2014
Alan O’Connor - Taming nature’s wild characterAlan O’Connor - Taming nature’s wild character

Nature can still shock us with its ferocity. Hence, the need to minimise the impact on the most modern transport, energy and communication networks of Nature’s extreme events.

15 December 2014
New bio packaging for foodNew bio packaging for food

Nowadays most of food packaging is derived from petrochemicals and not always biodegradable. Moreover, consumers often find that there is more packaging than content.

15 December 2014
That’s a bioplastic wrapThat’s a bioplastic wrap

Bioplastics take on traditional petrochemical plastics in food packaging, with some challenges.

12 December 2014
Transparency and residents’ involvement make retrofitting workTransparency and residents’ involvement make retrofitting work

A residential energy-saving retrofitting program adopts strategies to convince local inhabitants of its benefits.

11 December 2014
Assessing the performance of energy efficient buildingsAssessing the performance of energy efficient buildings

Monitoring so-called key performance indicators enables engineers to evaluate whether a newly erect building is as energy efficient as originally planned. 

10 December 2014
A Smart Building to save EnergyA Smart Building to save Energy

Boecillo in the province of Valladolid in Spain is a place exposed to an extreme temperature fluctuation: from above 30°C in summer down to below 0°C in winter. 

10 December 2014
Learning from new very low energy buildingsLearning from new very low energy buildings

A holistic approach is necessary to successfully plan and construct energy efficient buildings. But implementing best practices elsewhere is not a straightforward task.

09 December 2014
What role does the EU play in funding innovative research?What role does the EU play in funding innovative research?

H2020 financial package increases for knowledge transfer through start-up creation and innovative activities

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