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16 February 2017
From teenager to pensioner: the green energy crowdfundersFrom teenager to pensioner: the green energy crowdfunders

Boosting the use of renewable energy has long been an ambition in Europe, but some efforts have powered down amid an ever-changing political landscape and dwindling finances. Now crowdfunding is pulling in a new generation of green investors

14 February 2017
Crunching “sustainable” cookiesCrunching “sustainable” cookies

Bread, cakes and pastries may be tasty, but few of us realise it takes a lot of energy to produce them. Industry is now looking to change this

13 February 2017
Smart buildings: energy efficiency at what price?Smart buildings: energy efficiency at what price?

Automating heating and other environmental controls can bring huge savings to commercial buildings. To what extent is it possible to achieve the same results in residential homes? What is the difference between so called domotics and inmotics?

06 February 2017
Smart cities and innovative financing schemesSmart cities and innovative financing schemes

Cities in Europe are experimenting new ways to invest in energy transition and finance green measures at local level. Innovative financing models are becoming a priority because of lack of public funding

30 January 2017
Meet the AtomMeet the Atom

A tale of scientists, religious leaders and artists trapped by the smallest particles of matter

26 January 2017
The shape of the invisibleThe shape of the invisible

Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand’s artworks shed (acoustic) light on quantum phenomena

25 January 2017
Fitting hot and cold climates into the “envelope”Fitting hot and cold climates into the “envelope”

The “energy eater” European building stock is aiming for a greener future. Researchers are testing an “envelope” system combining active and passive technologies, fitted over the existing façade, to make buildings more efficient. But will it work efficiently under different temperatures, both in northern and southern Europe?

24 January 2017
Industry under the sunIndustry under the sun

A new approach to the renewability potential of Europe’s regions reveals unexpected opportunities for manufacturing

23 January 2017
When indoor air is more polluted than outdoor airWhen indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air

“Besides the contaminants we find outside, we also have indoor contaminants. There are pollutants typical of homes such as dust, spores, moulds, and those produced by human activities like cooking and house-cleaning, that contribute to the release of additional damaging substances,” expert warns

10 January 2017
Thermally efficient social housing for young adultsThermally efficient social housing for young adults

When young people move out of supported accommodation the leap to independent living can be tough. A new project in the north west of England is converting a former sheltered housing block for elderly people into managed accommodation for young adults, while also improving its thermal efficiency