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19 July 2017
‘Fintech’ helps power the green energy revolution‘Fintech’ helps power the green energy revolution

From “cryptocurrencies” to crowdfunding, innovative financial technology offers new ways for citizens to get involved in green energy projects, and to reap the benefits of the clean power produced

11 July 2017
The music of timeThe music of time

Working with scientists who are trying to create a highly precise clock, artist Kerstin Ergenzinger tries to give shape to the “sound of time” 

10 July 2017
Creating Europe’s new backbone for efficient power distributionCreating Europe’s new backbone for efficient power distribution

Over the last few decades the energy landscape has been changing drastically in Europe. An increasing amount of electricity is now generated from renewable sources, such as solar and wind energy. These developments will require a new and efficient power infrastructure that spans the whole of Europe

26 June 2017
Solar energy: “googling” your roofSolar energy: “googling” your roof

Internet users can assess the solar potential of their roofs through a platform developed by Google. The online “calculator”, which was only accessible in the US, has now reached Europe, starting in Germany

22 June 2017
Discovering the “third generation” of bioplasticsDiscovering the “third generation” of bioplastics

The ongoing revolution in packaging is the use of 100% organic materials obtained from the leftovers of agricultural production. An expert from the Italian National Research Council (CNR) says that in the early 2020s these bioplastics may become as competitive as traditional ones, even if not suitable for all uses

19 June 2017
Undersea HVDC cables, discovering some of the world’s top power interconnectionsUndersea HVDC cables, discovering some of the world’s top power interconnections

Submarine power cables are gaining a prominent role in sharing electricity between regions or different countries. Efficient transmission systems save energy, reduce pollution and secure power grids 

29 May 2017
Crowdfunding boosts green powerCrowdfunding boosts green power

King’s Lodge, in the English county of Wiltshire, has 96 solar panels producing around 20,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year. The school is one of 19 in the UK that joined a project which attracted 770-thousand-euros of crowdfunding

29 May 2017
Generation green: smart cities bring new eco-friendly jobsGeneration green: smart cities bring new eco-friendly jobs

Smart cities across Europe are pioneering all sorts of cutting-edge technologies to reduce pollution and boost energy efficiency, becoming green role models for others to follow. The eco-friendly push is not only helping to protect our planet, it’s also stimulating growth and unleashing a new generation of jobs

25 May 2017
Long live your foodLong live your food

Can a novel technique, which combines high pressure with temperature, be the ace in the hole of the food industry to tackle bacteria, reduce the energy required for food processing and improve quality as well?

23 May 2017
When crowdfunding is Sharia compliantWhen crowdfunding is Sharia compliant

Starting at the bottom, creating a tangible project, sharing and limiting risk. This is what crowdfunding and Islamic finance is all about when they come together