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29 November 2016
Rooting sustainability starts on school benchesRooting sustainability starts on school benches

How can we prepare students for the environmental challenges ahead? One way is to show younger generations the path towards smart cities of the future

28 November 2016
A smart city means an inclusive cityA smart city means an inclusive city

If a city is to be really intelligent, its priority needs to be on promoting equitable and affordable social infrastructure for all. And that includes people with disability

22 November 2016
Energy back in local handsEnergy back in local hands

Some examples in Europe show that cities running their own energy company can lower the energy bill for citizens

17 November 2016
Homes storing CO2, just like treesHomes storing CO2, just like trees

Houses built with bio-based materials, such as timber, straw and hemp, act as CO2 banks. Experts explain how citizens can become custodians of atmospheric carbon dioxide and thus help reduce air pollution

20 October 2016
Supergrids: the challenging comeback of direct currentSupergrids: the challenging comeback of direct current

The number of infrastructural direct current programmes is increasing all over the world, widening the gap between energy producers and energy consumers. But alternating current will not disappear: “meshed grids” are the future

17 October 2016
Do microbes control our mood?Do microbes control our mood?

Research on gut bacteria may change the way we look at anxiety, depression, and behavioural disorders

14 October 2016
Levelling food price volatility, while supporting the poorLevelling food price volatility, while supporting the poor

Food crises leave the poor in desperation for a long time. To calm the dreadful effects of weather and climate disasters as well as food price volatility it is better if governments forget about managing prices and instead care for the poor, experts say

13 October 2016
Robots in distress in the Venetian LagoonRobots in distress in the Venetian Lagoon

Two British artists are designing an unconventional fleet of autonomous devices that can help fight pollution in the lagoon environment of Venice

03 October 2016
Crowdfunding a renewable futureCrowdfunding a renewable future

Crowdfunding is a popular way for people to invest. In 2015, an estimated EUR 4.2 billion was raised through crowdfunding platforms in Europe. And, increasingly it is being used to finance the growth of renewable energy

29 September 2016
Bioeconomy: the ideal mix to pave the way for investmentsBioeconomy: the ideal mix to pave the way for investments

Venture capitalists of course seek smart inventors and breakthrough products. But candidates with intellectual property and business skills are music to investors' ears