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16 January 2018
Approaching energy crowdfunding with eyes wide openApproaching energy crowdfunding with eyes wide open

Crowdfunding for renewable energy can be enticing to citizens who want to invest in and make money from a collective purpose at the same time. Expert Sissy Windisch gives her advice to beginners

15 January 2018
Households poised to become energy dealersHouseholds poised to become energy dealers

A more flexible grid will give room to more market players trading renewables. It can also lead to a fair price for the electricity

11 January 2018
Green crowdfunding: disruption or opportunity?Green crowdfunding: disruption or opportunity?

The disruptive character of digital technologies and startups has been acknowledged by the banks themselves, but the effects of renewable energy crowdfunding on traditional banking do more than pose a threat 

08 January 2018
Could renewables crowdfunding assist “unplugged” Africa?Could renewables crowdfunding assist “unplugged” Africa?

Africa needs at least €21,1 billion annually to achieve universal access to modern energy, according to dr. Richard Munang, coordinator of the United Nations Environment (UNEP) Africa Regional Climate Change Programme. Crowdfunding might have been successful in financing a myriad of social objectives globally, but in light of such gigantic amounts, which is the potential of alternative finance to address the issue?

20 December 2017
Your future Christmas jumper could be made from smart textilesYour future Christmas jumper could be made from smart textiles

Technology and clothes could make for a magical festive present as scientists develop sensor-rich fabrics for health, sport and everyday monitoring

18 December 2017
Cities: how smart strategies can turn into effective action plansCities: how smart strategies can turn into effective action plans

Smart innovations are years in the making and require long-term vision. Changes in government and citizens’ sensibilities can halt or alter strategies. So how can they survive to create lasting change?

15 December 2017
Making plastic toys from biomassMaking plastic toys from biomass

Bioplastic is booming. The global market for these biomass derived plastics is predicted to grow by 20% over the next five years. Due to environmental and safety concerns around conventional plastics, one sector interested in bioplastics is toys. But, with some big names looking to enter the bioplastic toy arena, do parents really understand bioplastics?

14 December 2017
The many faces of hempThe many faces of hemp

The ecological properties of hemp makes it one of the types of insulation used in construction with the lowest carbon emissions footprint

14 December 2017
Living in a hemp houseLiving in a hemp house

Hemp, a multi-purpose crop that delivers fibres, shivs, seeds, and pharmaceuticals is currently used in insulation materials and bio-composites for a more sustainable construction industry. Russ Martin and his wife Karon Korp tell their story as owners of the first hemp house in the US

13 December 2017
District heating: has its time come?District heating: has its time come?

Due to its reliance on renewable energy sources, district heating is becoming a preferred energy saving solution. One of the biggest challenges, however, is convincing homeowners of the long-term value of retrofitting buildings to accommodate the smart solution