Grass as the new biofuelGrass as the new biofuel

A new European research project seeks grass crops that could be grown and harvested on marginal lands, away from areas suitable for food crops

December 2013
Biogas from animal waste in need of maturityBiogas from animal waste in need of maturity

Biogas-based energy could solve both the environmental concern of agricultural waste and reduce dependency of fossil fuels, particularly in Eastern Europe, albeit at a steep production cost

May 2013
Stop Wasting the WasteStop Wasting the Waste

These days, a walk with your loved one along the quiet alleyways of Naples’ old city centre will not induce any feelings of romance, that’s for sure...

May 2008
A Green EnergyA Green Energy

The city of Västerås in Sweden has set up a large system of organic waste collection providing the city with biofuel, heat, electricity and even natural fertilizer for farmers

April 2008