Road Safety
When air quality governs traffic managementWhen air quality governs traffic management

Phasing traffic lights according to air pollution rates at the scale of a city district could soon become a reality.  But this, first, requires overcoming the complexity of air pollution models.

March 2014
Monitoring dangerous vehicles whilst in motionMonitoring dangerous vehicles whilst in motion

A European research project has tested the use of 3D cameras alongside the highways and sensors embedded in the roadside to detect dangerous, overloaded trucks as they move. The system enables a reduction in accidents, protects the road infrastructure and reduces fuel consumption and pollution by ensuring conformity to weight controls

December 2010
Automated Truck InspectionAutomated Truck Inspection

Total control on a Bavarian motorway: European researchers and German Police set up a test zone for extensive traffic monitoring. Their goal is to identify overloaded trucks which destroy roads and cause accidents and traffic jams

December 2010
Tunnel TroubleTunnel Trouble

Whether to go for a deluge system or rather opt for a water mist model spraying small droplets, several European countries are rethinking fire suppression mechanisms for their tunnels

November 2008