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Ensuring cultural heritage protectionEnsuring cultural heritage protection

Transit exhibitions and artwork loaning may lead to mistreatments or damages of art pieces, exposure to sudden environmental changes and to the risk of fraud. 

October 2013
Ornate organsOrnate organs

When the biggest enemy of historical heritage artefacts such as organs comes from within, high-tech sensors can play an important role in helping to preserve them

July 2013
Geoffrey Gooch: culturally correct sustainable initiativesGeoffrey Gooch: culturally correct sustainable initiatives

Scientists studying way of protecting the environment while encouraging economic growth have mapped cultural and spiritual vulnerabilities for the first time, thus giving new a dimension to the notion of sustainability

April 2013
Multi-sensors fire shieldMulti-sensors fire shield

A new system called FIRESENSE detects fire and extreme weather conditions and could become the best insurance to protect cultural heritage monuments from fire and other hazards

February 2013
Art gets its digital passportArt gets its digital passport

Preventing art theft has become a high-tech activity that involves diving into the sub-micrometric scale to record a fingerprint based on each art piece’s unique roughness and colour

October 2012
Donald Dingwell, ERC’s Secretary General: European Grants Go GlobalDonald Dingwell, ERC’s Secretary General: European Grants Go Global

The European Research Council (ERC) is on a mission to entice researchers from across the globe to apply for its substantial grants

September 2012
Rust never sleeps: fighting corrosion with high-tech sensorsRust never sleeps: fighting corrosion with high-tech sensors

A new device designed to check for air corrosiveness in museums, could also find application in car and ship making industries

September 2012 at ESOF 2010: a new multimedia model with wide at ESOF 2010: a new multimedia model with wide coverage

Mario Martinoli, publisher of, explains the success of the model in raising public awareness on S&T research achievements via TV and web

July 2010
Saving our Cultural HeritageSaving our Cultural Heritage

Parchment, made from partially-tanned animal skin, has been used since the 2nd century B.C. and it undergoes the irreparable damage caused by time

December 2007
Images from the PastImages from the Past

With only a GPS system and three other small devices, the Ancient Past can now pop up from the ruins in front of the tourist’s eyes. This system has already been trialed in Pompei, Italy, and Greece

June 2005
Multimedia Museum GuidesMultimedia Museum Guides

Multimedia art is so new and strange to most of us that it still takes a lot of explaining. What is needed is not only a new way to exhibit multimedia art, but also a new way of guiding visitors

February 2005
Your Guide around TownYour Guide around Town

Guidebooks’ days are numbered. Tourist offices should be concerned. Time Out and the like should worry too. People will no longer need them for directions or to arrange their evenings

October 2004
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