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Sorina Buzatu

It was by chance that I became a science journalist. I was covering the field of education at the national Romanian news agency Agerpres. It was my first job after graduating from journalism school. I started covering science when the research portfolio was attached to the larger umbrella of the education Ministry responsibility.

Shortly afterwards, I became fascinated by its results and its potential. I visited labs, institutes and research units. I also joined researchers on the ground and I really enjoyed writing about their discoveries. Until then, I had mainly considered the humanistic side of life. But I found that the science could be presented as a piece of art, as well, by combining the skills of the writer with the innovative craft of the researcher.

I also previously worked in communication roles with human rights Non Governmental Organisations including Save the Children Romania, the Centre for Legal Resources (Centrul de Resurse Juridice), the Romanian Center for Education and Human Development (Centrul Roman pentru Educatie si Dezvoltare  Umana). In October 2012, I came back to journalism and I started working for , covering science internationally. I do believe science deserves a broader public attention and that the scientists’ work to be portrayed in a balanced manner. 

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Hydrogen cars with zero emissions at the tailpipe, ready to spread widelyHydrogen cars with zero emissions at the tailpipe, ready to spread widely

Hydrogen based technology in the electric transport sector is competing with traditional fuels like diesel and gasoline for long distances. It is quiet, needs reasonable time for refuelling and it releases water only

05 Nov 2019
Greece is first Balkan country to announce a coal phase-out date. The revolution has already started in Western MacedoniaGreece is first Balkan country to announce a coal phase-out date. The revolution has already started in Western Macedonia

The Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis surprised the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York by announcing the end of the use of coal by 2028 and the dismantling of plants. This is our report from Western Macedonia, the leading energy producing area of Greece, where they are analysing viable solutions to replace lignite

03 Oct 2019
Sustainable nappies for eco-friendly generationsSustainable nappies for eco-friendly generations

Biodegradable nappies and sanitary pads could reduce the burden that fossil-based plastic litter puts on nature. The prototypes currently developed are meant to be of higher quality, but still they are more expensive than the similar conventional products on the market

15 Jul 2019
Small aircraft to find water leakageSmall aircraft to find water leakage

Manned and unmanned aerial platforms equipped with remote sensing cameras may be used in the near future for a faster survey of the water networks

19 Mar 2018
Households poised to become energy dealersHouseholds poised to become energy dealers

A more flexible grid will give room to more market players trading renewables. It can also lead to a fair price for the electricity

15 Jan 2018
Recycling CO2… It’s a work of art!Recycling CO2… It’s a work of art!

The transformation of carbon dioxide into useful chemicals has inspired Turkish artist Pinar Yoldas to depict the complex process in symbolic works of art

17 Oct 2017
Art as vessel of scienceArt as vessel of science

Turkish artist Pinar Yoldas is committed to educating through her artworks inspired by biological sciences. “Education is the only mass weapon we have to address our global problems and to bring about solutions,” she said.

17 Oct 2017
Fuel from diamonds?Fuel from diamonds?

Futuristic fuels could replace our current supplies, recycling what the latter’s combustion produces most: carbon dioxide. And synthetic diamond exposed to light may hold the key

17 Oct 2017
The music of timeThe music of time

Working with scientists who are trying to create a highly precise clock, artist Kerstin Ergenzinger tries to give shape to the “sound of time” 

11 Jul 2017
Smart cities and innovative financing schemesSmart cities and innovative financing schemes

Cities in Europe are experimenting new ways to invest in energy transition and finance green measures at local level. Innovative financing models are becoming a priority because of lack of public funding

06 Feb 2017