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14 May 2018
Robotic spies among beesRobotic spies among bees

Researchers are developing little robots able to interact within animal societies such as honeybees. They believe that creating mixed societies of animal and robots can be a new way to protect many endangered species and the environment

10 May 2018
Bio-based houses are seducing Latin AmericaBio-based houses are seducing Latin America

The use of natural materials is growing rapidly in Argentina and other South American countries. Technical progress and policy implementation seem to go hand in hand

02 May 2018
How machines can learn from human behaviourHow machines can learn from human behaviour

Designing intelligent machines that can resemble and model human behaviour is closer than we think. And you can join in

24 April 2018
How can smart cities finance their transformation?How can smart cities finance their transformation?

Smart solutions are innovations. Therefore, by nature, they’re often new and untested - which is a scary feature for potential investors, who want safe and predictable results. So what are some attractive financing schemes for “intelligent” cities?

10 April 2018
Bio-homes to tackle the housing emergencyBio-homes to tackle the housing emergency

A new sustainable initiative in Bristol, in the UK, uses bio-based materials to face the need for additional and affordable housing supply

09 April 2018
Energy “vigilant” citizensEnergy “vigilant” citizens

People are increasingly testing smart control systems to curb energy use, while maximising the amount of renewables employed in the process

06 April 2018
Protecting health by improved building efficiencyProtecting health by improved building efficiency

A revised EU directive to fight energy poverty and pulmonary diseases due to unhealthy buildings should be approved this month

05 April 2018
Soy filters: a cheap solution for air purificationSoy filters: a cheap solution for air purification

Air pollution is a major public health issue worldwide. Filters can help improve the quality of the air we breathe, but they also contribute to landfill when they are finished with and thrown away, as they are often made of plastic. Could bio-based filters be the answer?

04 April 2018
Science-based civic projectsScience-based civic projects

Can policy making be improved using sophisticated mathematical models?

04 April 2018
Household air pollution: the forgotten hazardHousehold air pollution: the forgotten hazard

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that each year 4.3 million people die of exposure to household pollutants. Buildings with a safe indoor environment can reduce healthcare costs