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May 19, 2015Social acceptance in new smart energy districts: a lesson from SpainMay 18, 2015Bio-based insulation materials: the construction industry's best kept secret?April 22, 2015Clean and affordable: the wind energy challengeApril 21, 2015A green revolution in the heart of SpainJanuary 29, 2015Virtual models to make cities greenerJanuary 28, 2015Matteo D’Antoni – In-depth analysis required prior to retrofitting old buildingsJanuary 13, 2015Luigi Crema – how to make solar energy systems more widespreadJanuary 12, 2015District heating: Sweden is leading the way out of fossil fuelsJanuary 4, 2015Cities join forces to retrofit districtsDecember 12, 2014Transparency and residents’ involvement make retrofitting workDecember 10, 2014A Smart Building to save EnergyDecember 10, 2014Learning from new very low energy buildingsNovember 21, 2014Retrofitting: all stakeholders involved upfrontOctober 24, 2014César Alonso: third parties play a key role to making buildings energy efficientOctober 15, 2014Christel Jimenez - MeeFS aims for a retrofitting solution as universal as possibleSeptember 26, 2014Building makeover project – retrofitting to boost energy efficiencyAugust 28, 2014Noemí Jiménez and Carolina Grau – solving the energy challenge in public buildingsJuly 31, 2014Ali Vasallo - Towards near-zero energy consumption at district levelJuly 31, 2014Tackling the many challenges of smarter, greener citiesJuly 30, 2014Retrofitting showcase on a Belgian high-school
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