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Italy, Disabled
Repairing the brain
Repairing the brain Neurological disorders and traumas disrupt the connections between brain and body, causing paralysis for millions of people worldwide.
A smart city means an inclusive city
A smart city means an inclusive city Like every year, December 3 will be a United Nations sanctioned International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) . The aim is to increase public awareness of the conditions of disabled people and, at the same time, to celebrate their achievements and contributions.
Wooden Bones
Wooden Bones Rebuilding bones out of wood, or cartilage out of algae and chitosan is the most spectacular aspect of this particular bioinspiration field.
The Magic Touch
The Magic Touch The “ nano wrap ” that is being developed to be fitted around an amputee’s upper arm nerve bundle is the ambitious other part of the Smarthand’s robotic hand project.