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Finland, Nanotechnologies
Nano Foil Brightens Screen
Nano Foil Brightens Screen Engineers of the European research project NaPanil have modified the glass surfaces on the micrometric and nanometric scale in order to control the path of the light.A unique innovation that could soon become part of our daily lives.
A nanotech solution controlling the path of light
A nanotech solution controlling the path of light Researchers have modified surface structures by making nanometer scale patterns, with the help from a technology called nanoimprinting. Nanoimprinting is a high through-put and low cost method that produces these patterns through the use of a stamp.
Regenerating the Ear and the Eye
Regenerating the Ear and the Eye Finnish researchers have designed tiny nano-particles which can deliver a specific drug to cells of the inner ear. Once brought into position, this drug helps to repair damaged cells .
Boosting Memory Chips
Boosting Memory Chips In each generation cycle memory chips get smaller and less expensive, but can hold more data. They are used in USB memory sticks, personal computers, video consoles and many other electronic devices.