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Energy “vigilant” citizens
Energy “vigilant” citizens When temperatures are low, the temptation to take long, scalding showers and turn electric heaters to the maximum is high. And not knowing how much energy we spend, when we unthinkingly do these activities, makes it difficult for us to decrease our consumption.
Clean energies in need of a long term vision
Clean energies in need of a long term vision The European grid already faces transmission challenges, as the alternative current (AC) infrastructure has almost reached its transport capacity.
When energy-saving becomes a game
When energy-saving becomes a game Householders do not always know how much energy they consume. To help improve their awareness, the EnergyLife app was developed through BeAware , a EU funded project, led by the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT), in Finland.
Heat trading warms up
Heat trading warms up Liberalising the heat market is, in theory, possible. It would operate in the same way that enables owners of domestic-scale wind turbines, or any other electricity producer, to sell surplus into the grid and draw power from the network.