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Could ‘superfoods’ stop disease?
Could ‘superfoods’ stop disease? The importance of healthy eating for our well-being is scientifically proven and having a varied diet goes without saying.
Biotechnology: navigating a minefield
Biotechnology: navigating a minefield In our fast-moving world, biotech is at the forefront of developments – but, by its very nature, it can provoke ethical and moral concerns .
Do microbes control our mood?
Do microbes control our mood? If aliens were to examine a human, they would think we were just slavish organisms designed to feed microbes and carry them around. Our bodies contain ten times more bacteria than cells , and there are an estimated 3.
A low-energy formula for safeguarding food
A low-energy formula for safeguarding food Over recent decades, research on innovative food processing technologies has been carried out to identify ways to combat pathogens while reducing the need for chemical preservatives and improving the nutritional properties of the food at the same time.