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Professor Kostas Iatrou – Combatting malaria using natural mosquito repellents
Professor Kostas Iatrou – Combatting malaria using natural mosquito repellents A major challenge in combatting malaria is to develop effective yet sustainable mosquito repellents.  Now, the ENAROMaTIC project, a European effort to reduce the spread of malaria completed in 2012, may have done just that.
Ensuring cultural heritage protection
Ensuring cultural heritage protection A technology relying on holography, that involves measuring mechanical deformations, as signature of artworks has previously been developed to address the protection of cultural heritage.
Multi-sensors fire shield
Multi-sensors fire shield The village of Olympos , located near the ancient city of Rhodiapolis, in the Antalya region of Turkey, escaped a wild fire, on 2 September 2012.
Music Classes go Digital
Music Classes go Digital The world’s future musicians may soon make their first steps in the music industry with the help of a computer. IMUTUS software teaches, listens to and assesses the performances of beginners and intermediate musicians.
Playing with Science
Playing with Science At the Ellinogermaniki Agogi School, near Athens, new technology is revolutionising the teaching of science. The European ‘Lab of Tomorrow’ project aims to increase the number of students choosing a scientific career path.
Smart Living
Smart LivingThe front door opens to welcome visitors. The oven bakes a pizza and the washing machine starts by itself. You are in a smart house, where the Internet is a butler.