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Belgium, USA, Bioeconomy
Biotechnology: navigating a minefield
Biotechnology: navigating a minefield In our fast-moving world, biotech is at the forefront of developments – but, by its very nature, it can provoke ethical and moral concerns .
Do microbes control our mood?
Do microbes control our mood? If aliens were to examine a human, they would think we were just slavish organisms designed to feed microbes and carry them around. Our bodies contain ten times more bacteria than cells , and there are an estimated 3.
Preventing “oceans of plastic soup”
Preventing “oceans of plastic soup” Approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic waste washes off land into the ocean each year. Bottle caps, toothbrushes, tiny plastic fragments, filaments, pellets, film and resin float about in the water columns.
Next generation cures born from the sea
Next generation cures born from the sea The life that inhabits the world’s oceans has almost infinite variety. It remains an untapped source of diversity.