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A Black Hole´s Dinner
A Black Hole´s Dinner The black hole at the centre of the galaxy, formally known as Sagittarius A* , fascinates scientists. By mid-2013 a gas cloud is expected to pass in its vicinity at a distance of only 36 light-hours (equivalent to 40.
Earth-Like Planet Discovery
Earth-Like Planet Discovery The discovery of planets in a habitable zone rises the hope that astronomers could soon answer the question of whether we are alone in the universe.
Second Earth Discovery
Second Earth Discovery An international team of astronomers has discovered a planet beyond our solar system, which could have perfect conditions for life . The new planet is 22 light years away and orbits its own sun-like star in just the right distance to inherit a moderate climate.
Prof. Margherita Hack: "I've always been a fighter"
Prof. Margherita Hack: "I've always been a fighter" You have just turned 89. What is the biggest satisfaction you have had until now? I don’t know what to say since I have had so many satisfactions with my job.