Ute de Groot, Germany
Revolutionary System Monitors Water Pollution
Revolutionary System Monitors Water Pollution Toxic microalgae, viruses and chemical contaminants are floating in our waters. These hazardous materials pose a high risk to the livelihood of the sea dwellers. Especially the aquaculture is affected by this rising problem.
Human Bones from the Lab
Human Bones from the Lab Scientists in Würzburg, in Germany, have created living bone material from human stem cells in their laboratory. The discipline is called tissue engineering and the aim of the scientists is to produce the perfect substitute for bone transplantation.
When your water is contaminated
When your water is contaminated Statistically, drinking water in Europe is the safest in the world. But according to the World Health Organisation every year more than 300.000 Europeans are falling ill due to contaminated tab water. ...
The Portable Lab
The Portable Lab Konstantin has suffered permanent disabilities due to the lack of a proper analysis of his blood when he was treated in hospital ten years ago. A new device that revolutionizes lab analysis could soon prevent similar tragedies .
A Black Hole´s Dinner
A Black HoleĀ“s Dinner The black hole at the centre of the galaxy, formally known as Sagittarius A* , fascinates scientists. By mid-2013 a gas cloud is expected to pass in its vicinity at a distance of only 36 light-hours (equivalent to 40.
Earth-Like Planet Discovery
Earth-Like Planet Discovery The discovery of planets in a habitable zone rises the hope that astronomers could soon answer the question of whether we are alone in the universe.