Corinna Barnstedt, Nanotechnologies
Transparent Electronics
Transparent Electronics In the MULTIFLEXIOXIDES project scientist have developed new cost-efficient, long lasting, light, flexible and transparent devices which can display information directly on the windscreen.
Nano Eco Dye
Nano Eco Dye Researchers working for the EU-funded research project SOPHIED have discovered that a fungus from the Solomon Islands produces special enzymes that act as nano-bio-catalysts.
Wooden Bones
Wooden Bones Rebuilding bones out of wood, or cartilage out of algae and chitosan is the most spectacular aspect of this particular bioinspiration field.
The Nano Laboratory
The Nano Laboratory Within the European Research Project Fiblys, they have therefore redesigned their microscope to a fully functional nano-laboratory.
Nano Foil Brightens Screen
Nano Foil Brightens Screen Engineers of the European research project NaPanil have modified the glass surfaces on the micrometric and nanometric scale in order to control the path of the light.A unique innovation that could soon become part of our daily lives.
Nano Non-Stick Paint For Efficient Shipping
Nano Non-Stick Paint For Efficient Shipping These molecules have a curious relationship with water. One part of the molecule is hydrophilic, so it attracts water molecules. The other part is hydrophobic, so it pushes them away.
Regenerating the Ear and the Eye
Regenerating the Ear and the Eye Finnish researchers have designed tiny nano-particles which can deliver a specific drug to cells of the inner ear. Once brought into position, this drug helps to repair damaged cells .
Nano Powered Cars
Nano Powered Cars In the last five years 25 European research institutions have joint forces to develop a rechargeable battery which uses lithium nano-particles.
Nano-tuned Solar Cells
Nano-tuned Solar Cells The sun has enough power to supply the whole earth with energy. But as long as renewable energy is more expensive than energy produced by coal or nuclear plants, solar energy won’t be first choice.
Mobile Detection System for Contaminated Water
Mobile Detection System for Contaminated Water The technology uses several nano-biological sensors to monitor the presence of several bioterrorism agents in drinking water.
Boosting Memory Chips
Boosting Memory Chips In each generation cycle memory chips get smaller and less expensive, but can hold more data. They are used in USB memory sticks, personal computers, video consoles and many other electronic devices.
Nano Filtered Water
Nano Filtered Water The filter could be used to recycle sewage on a space station, but the main focus is the use of ultra pure water in the fabrication of semiconductors.