Corinna Barnstedt, Germany
Corinna Barnstedt
Corinna Barnstedt I grew up in the USA and Switzerland before moving to Germany.  After obtaining a honour’s degree in geography from the University of Hamburg, I took a journalism traineeship at JahresZeiten Verlag .
Efficient Buildings Key to Reduce Climate Change
Efficient Buildings Key to Reduce Climate Change “The building sector is responsible for more than 30% of global energy demand and round about 20% of greenhouse gas emissions”, says Peter Graham from the Global Buildings Performance Network in Paris.
Most Sustainable Office in the World
Most Sustainable Office in the World Much effort has been put into its planning and construction to reach this high-level of sustainability, which makes it the most sustainable newly erected office building worldwide , according to LEEDS standards.
The Nano Laboratory
The Nano Laboratory Within the European Research Project Fiblys, they have therefore redesigned their microscope to a fully functional nano-laboratory.
Nano-tuned Solar Cells
Nano-tuned Solar Cells The sun has enough power to supply the whole earth with energy. But as long as renewable energy is more expensive than energy produced by coal or nuclear plants, solar energy won’t be first choice.
Hydrogen: The Green Fuel Of The Future
Hydrogen: The Green Fuel Of The Future Together the engineers worked on the fuel cell propulsion system by upgrading the air supply, integrating a humidification system, redesigning the hydrogen supply line and developing a hydrogen sensor concept.
Sponge Metal Ships
Sponge Metal Ships Lighter ships mean more freight, less trips and therefore less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Veikko Hintsanen, a captain from Finland, and the researchers from Fraunhofer have designed a “Bioship” based on the new material.
A new material to cut the weight of ships by 30%
A new material to cut the weight of ships by 30% The new material is lighter than water and has a high stiffness . Within seconds a cube made from aluminum starts to inflate into the shape of a sponge under the impact of heat.
Automated Truck Inspection
Automated Truck Inspection German highway engineers have set up a new system of cameras and sensors in the ground – to determine weight, speed and even state of the wheels and brakes.
Nano Filtered Water
Nano Filtered Water The filter could be used to recycle sewage on a space station, but the main focus is the use of ultra pure water in the fabrication of semiconductors.
The Super Light Car
The Super Light Car The cars today - even in their basic configuration - are equipped with many features: air conditioning, electric windows and airbags for example. The price for improved comfort and safety on board has been an increase in weight.