Palms, a reliable climate change indicator in Europe
Palms, a reliable climate change indicator in Europe Lovingly tended to as far as Kristianstad in Sweden, palms have never had it so good in Northern European gardens. The UK, which has not had a seriously cold winter for about 10 years, is a case in point.
Breaking the vicious cycle of antibiotic resistant bacteria
Breaking the vicious cycle of antibiotic resistant bacteria Bacteria and other microorganisms that cause infections are remarkably resilient and can develop ways to survive drugs meant to kill or weaken them.
World relies on endangered bees for 153 billion euros
World relies on endangered bees for 153 billion euros Precious insect pollinators hold an almighty 153 billion euros worldwide on their industrious wings for the main crops that feed the planet every year. If they all disappeared overnight, so would 9.
Palms Conquer the North
Palms Conquer the North Just a few decades ago the Chusan palm (Trachycarpus fortunei) started to spread and regenerate outside the gardens in forests across the borderline region of southern Switzerland and North Italy.
Hydrogen Test Drive
Hydrogen Test Drive Worldwide gas prices continue to rise daily- as well as environmental and safety consciousness. Hydrogen as an energy carrier in fuel cells could now bring forward a solution to many of these problems.
Stop Wasting the Waste
Stop Wasting the Waste These days, a walk with your loved one along the quiet alleyways of Naples’ old city centre will not induce any feelings of romance, that’s for sure. The smell is unbearable, and the view is simply unimaginable.
Communist Heritage Turns Green
Communist Heritage Turns Green Climate change is on everyone’s lips these days and the European Union, having decided to reduce its CO2-emmissions by at least half by 2050, is no exception.
Green Housing Estate
Green Housing Estate Our future depends on energy, and as households and cars currently contribute to more than 50% of all energy consumption in the EU, new energy-efficient architecture can be an important approach to bring this percentage down.
Small, Green and Safe
Small, Green and Safe CyberCar, who's going to drive? It travels at around 30 km/h. No driver. No fuel. You might call it a ‘CyberCar’ - an automated vehicle, guided by three computers installed in the chassis.
Healthy Heart's at Home
Healthy Heart's at Home A new range of garments will soon be out. Gucci? Prada? - Not this time. The emphasis here is not fashion but prevention of chronic disease.
Doris Neumann
Doris Neumann In Germany, the unequal position of men and women in the workplace is mainly due to obstacles of a cultural nature, such as the widespread negative perception of a working mother.
Multimedia Museum Guides
Multimedia Museum Guides In 1997 Karlsruhe, in the South West of Germany, made the headlines when the first museum for interactive multimedia art was opened. The museum is part of the Centre for Art and Media (ZKM), which also comprises five research institutions.
Designing Workspaces
Designing Workspaces It is the ultimate viewing tool for designers and engineers: virtual reality. Models can be examined and tested thoroughly in three dimensions, before they are built in the workshops.
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