I Drive with your Waste
I Drive with your Waste In Lille, France, buses are running on biogas produced from organic waste. Twenty-eight research partners gathered together to exploit waste for transportation system in Lille (France), Göteborg and Stockholm (Sweden), Haarlem (The Netherlands) and Rome (Italy).
Preventing Diseases
Preventing Diseases These last years, insect or rodent borne human diseases have been reappearing in Europe. These diseases have serious health, ecological and political consequences. The reasons behind these outbreaks are only partially known.
Satellites Against Skin Cancer
Satellites Against Skin Cancer Sun is bad for our skin. Even if we are aware of this, it is hard to resist wanting a suntan. For this reason, melanoma occurrences have been rising steadily in Europe since 1930.
A Third Eye for Rescuers
A Third Eye for Rescuers Fire brigades will soon have access to a safety system which is able to accurately detect and locate people that may be trapped in debris after, for example, an earthquake.
Harnessing Solar Energy
Harnessing Solar Energy One good way of helping the environment is to put what we call ‘solar panels’ onto the roofs of buildings. When the sun is shining these panels trap the rays and turn it into electricity and heat.
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