Hywel Curtis
Hywel Curtis
Hywel Curtis I have a background in physics and have long been interested in scientific laws that work on vastly different scales.
Jànos Nagy: On nanopportunities
Jànos Nagy: On nanopportunities These cylinders of precisely ordered carbon atoms are finding uses in a wide variety of industries due to their unique mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Jànos B.
Revamping nanotubes
Revamping nanotubes Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are set to become an important material for the future. That’s because they are light, robust, and highly conductive, both electrically and thermally whilst still being chemically stable.
Profile: Paul Finglas, food web mastermind
Profile: Paul Finglas, food web mastermind Managing research in Europe today requires a range of skills and abilities. Balancing aspects of scientific research, team management, logistics, dissemination and, sometimes, politics, is not an easy task.
Take your medicine – or is it just food?
Take your medicine – or is it just food? EU legislation distinguishes between plant food supplements and traditional herbal medicinal products , but this categorisation can vary between countries. This can lead to consumer confusion and regulatory inconsistency across Europe.
Juggling with air pollutant data
Juggling with air pollutant data New air pollutant emission targets have just been introduced in the EU. Chance of meeting these new targets has recently been tremendously improved by considerable progress on how emissions from different sources are measured and estimated.