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Sweden, Climate Change, Environment
The cost of blackouts in Europe
The cost of blackouts in Europe In January 2005, a severe storm swept across Northern Europe, from Ireland to Russia. More than 500,000 homes were left without power, with Denmark and Southern Sweden being particularly hard-hit.
More forest biodiversity for less money?
More forest biodiversity for less money? Making decisions related to forest conservation is no mean feat. Particularly, when a cost/benefit analysis is combined with integrating social and institutional impact at local and national scale.
Under the weather, literally
Under the weather, literally We can blame all sorts of things on the weather. But a stomach bug?  It seems unlikely. Yet, scientists say greater quantities of rainfall and bigger storms will lead to more stomach upsets in parts of Europe.
Climate in a teacup
Climate in a teacup Making planning decisions about cities today means keeping an eye on climate change predictions.  More flash floods are expected, for example.