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How safe is seafood?
How safe is seafood? Consumption of seafood is regarded as healthy since it contains high quality proteins, vitamins and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. But it might also put us at risk of exposure to environmental pollutants.
Pig plague threatens Europe
Pig plague threatens Europe African swine fever , or ASF, is a viral disease that kills almost every pig it infects and is likened to Ebola . It gained a foothold in Georgia in 2007, when contaminated pig meat landed from a ship from South-East Africa and was fed to local pigs.
Antonio Marques โ€“ Improving seafood safety
Antonio Marques โ€“ Improving seafood safety Seafood sometimes poses health risks to consumers. Unfortunately, these are not very well defined. What is more, the risks associated with non-regulated contaminants, responsible for such health hazards, are not all well understood.
Good risk communication, safer food
Good risk communication, safer food Food scare make authorities uneasy. In previous cases, national food safety agencies have not always known how to react , making the public wary. For example, in 2011, the German health authorities incorrectly linked the deadly E.
Lilliput forests, global certification
Lilliput forests, global certification The level of interest for the US standard Smart Logging , designed to ensure the sustainable use of the forests, has now been tested in Europe.