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20 February 2018
Smart buildings: predictive maintenance is crucialSmart buildings: predictive maintenance is crucial

A talk with Italian expert Antonio Disi about building maintenance, smart technologies and “energy illiterate” citizens 

13 February 2018
Making fabric from woodMaking fabric from wood

As a material wood has many uses, but did you know that it can be used to make fibres for clothing and other textiles? Perhaps surprisingly, it is the raw material of some well known man-made fibres

12 February 2018
Nobel laureate Rae Kwon Chung speaks about the advent of HVDC supergridsNobel laureate Rae Kwon Chung speaks about the advent of HVDC supergrids

The author of the “Green growth” concept asserts that the key to developing supergrids is private initiative driven by breakthrough technologies. Investors will then push for political agreement between countries

12 February 2018
The City for TomorrowThe City for Tomorrow

On February 16, 2005, the Kyoto Protocol entered into force. The first global agreement of history to reduce carbon dioxide emissions was based on the scientific consensus that climate change is occurring. Thirteen years later, how do we stand now given the recent developments?

08 February 2018
Making clothes from milkMaking clothes from milk

In the EU we waste an estimated 88 million tonnes of food every year, according to the latest estimates. That is roughly 170 kilogrammes per person. But what if we could turn some of that waste into useful products?

06 February 2018
Smart society: a winding road towards the futureSmart society: a winding road towards the future

The future world will be shaped by how people and machines work together

05 February 2018
The fight on plastics heats up in the EUThe fight on plastics heats up in the EU

The new year has put plastic bags centre-stage in Europe. New measures in Italy and Greece to fight the use of non-biodegradable bags have sparked heated debates, while the EU has launched its ambitious Plastics Strategy

16 January 2018
Approaching energy crowdfunding with eyes wide openApproaching energy crowdfunding with eyes wide open

Crowdfunding for renewable energy can be enticing to citizens who want to invest in and make money from a collective purpose at the same time. Expert Sissy Windisch gives her advice to beginners

15 January 2018
Households poised to become energy dealersHouseholds poised to become energy dealers

A more flexible grid will give room to more market players trading renewables. It can also lead to a fair price for the electricity

11 January 2018
Green crowdfunding: disruption or opportunity?Green crowdfunding: disruption or opportunity?

The disruptive character of digital technologies and startups has been acknowledged by the banks themselves, but the effects of renewable energy crowdfunding on traditional banking do more than pose a threat