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13 December 2018
Should you put your food waste in a compostable plastic bag?Should you put your food waste in a compostable plastic bag?

Across Europe rules about the disposal of organic household rubbish vary. Some waste management companies let people line their food waste caddies with compostable plastic bags, while others ban all plastics from organic waste bins

11 December 2018
Useful Steam - Heat RecoveryUseful Steam - Heat Recovery

While the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) takes place from the 2nd to the 14th of December 2018 in Katowice, Poland, we have been investigating how district heating can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

04 December 2018
Plant roots inspire 3D-printed automotive sensorsPlant roots inspire 3D-printed automotive sensors

As NASA’s Mars InSight is set to burrow into Martian soil, roboticists on Earth are still developing devices for soil monitoring and exploration

29 November 2018
Blockchain from farm to forkBlockchain from farm to fork

Blockchain is mostly known in finance as a technology linked to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. However one of the most innovative applications relates to the food sector, which can use this technology to get more transparent supply chains

27 November 2018
Home sweet (hemp) homeHome sweet (hemp) home

December 5 is UN World Soil Day. The building industry has thus been called to account for its role in the massive use of mineral raw materials and environmental pollution. One solution comes from the bio-construction sector which draws on unlimited sources of natural materials such as hemp, which is a recyclable carbon sequestrator. But how comfortable is it to live in a hemp house?

15 November 2018
Bio-composites for carsBio-composites for cars

Every year the European car industry uses around 80,000 tonnes of wood and plant fibres to reinforce composites, instead of employing synthetic fibres like glass and carbon fibre

14 November 2018
When citizen engagement makes the differenceWhen citizen engagement makes the difference

Involving citizens is the biggest challenge to finalise large-scale energy efficiency works in neighbourhoods. An emblematic story comes from Valladolid, Spain, where “no, we can’t” has become “yes, we can”

13 November 2018
Superfast all-RAM processors could bring high-performance computers to the massesSuperfast all-RAM processors could bring high-performance computers to the masses

European researchers are designing a computer using very large and non-volatile high-speed RAM (NVRAM). Such memory will be used first in data centers, but later should appear in phones and tablets

12 November 2018
Fighting terrorism online: prevention is better than cureFighting terrorism online: prevention is better than cure

The EU launches the fight against online terrorism with new rules to tackle propaganda and recruiting on social media. But how effective could they be?

08 November 2018
Are smart cities ready for Europe's new privacy measures?Are smart cities ready for Europe's new privacy measures?

By providing citizens with a bigger power and control over their personal information, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents a challenge to smart cities, which use also personal data to offer intelligent services