Corinna Barnstedt, Urban mobility
Climate change and extreme weather events: is Europe ready?
Climate change and extreme weather events: is Europe ready? In 2005 the centre of the Finnish capital Helsinki was nearly flooded because of the raising of the sea level. After that event, the municipality has been building special pedestrian ways, which are about 1.
Bus of the Future
Bus of the Future The first results of the project can be seen in Spain and France. The public transport authority of Madrid has integrated a new information system so that commuters can obtain real time travel information as the exchange between suburban buses, urban buses and the metro.
City Closure Increases Mobility
City Closure Increases Mobility "We decided to close the city centre for traffic”, explains Fabio Cartolano the drastic measures to liberate the city of Bologna from unbearable traffic jams.
The Connected Traveller
The Connected Traveller The idea is that all vehicles and road infrastructure such as road signs, parking spaces or tolling stations will communicate with each other to create and share new kind of travel and traffic information.