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Art gets its digital passport
Art gets its digital passport Imagine that a hundred years ago it was possible to take the ‘digital fingerprint’ of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and store it in an international database.
Rust never sleeps: fighting corrosion with high-tech sensors
Rust never sleeps: fighting corrosion with high-tech sensors Temperature and humidity—two factors that influence corrosion— are routinely monitored in museums to protect the artifacts from the ravages of time.
Saving our Cultural Heritage
Saving our Cultural Heritage Parchment, made from partially-tanned animal skin, has been used since the 2nd century B.C. and it undergoes the irreparable damage caused by time.
Images from the Past
Images from the Past With only a GPS system and three other small devices, the Ancient Past can now pop up from the ruins in front of the tourist’s eyes. This system, called Archeoguide has already been trialed in Pompei, Italy, and Greece.
Your Guide around Town
Your Guide around Town Guidebooks’ days are numbered. Tourist offices should be concerned. Time Out and the like should worry too. People will no longer need them for directions or to arrange their evenings, whether at home or abroad.
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