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Climate change and extreme weather events: is Europe ready? Climate change and extreme weather events: is Europe ready?

The damage and threats caused by extreme weather events have become more varied in different regions across Europe and worldwide in recent years. 

March 2016
When your water is contaminated When your water is contaminated

Every year 300.000 Europeans are falling ill because of contaminated drinking water. A new high-speed test is being developed to identify the contamination of drinking water much faster than today and thus reduce the number of victims considerably.

March 2014
Champions of Waste Reduction Champions of Waste Reduction

14 years ago, the region of Lahti in Finland has implemented a model of integrated waste management. As a result the people of Lahti were able to increase their rate of recycling to more than 90%. 

February 2014
Decoding the oceans Decoding the oceans

Marine genomics has the power to reveal the many undiscovered secrets of the oceans.

February 2014
Forecasting air pollution Forecasting air pollution

Sophisticated computer algorithms mimicking the law of physics are used to forecast global air pollution levels

November 2013
More Crops per Drop! More Crops per Drop!

Fighting droughts with modern technology

July 2013
Cleaning oil spills with paper mill sludge Cleaning oil spills with paper mill sludge

Millions of tons of paper industry waste could soon be reused into a green solution to mop up oil or chemical spills.

February 2013
Palms Conquer the North Palms Conquer the North
The Chusan palm started to spread and regenerate outside the gardens in forests in Southern Switzerland and Northern Italy. (Jan. '08)
April 2009
Safe Drinking Water Safe Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is a basic requirement for a healthy life and the drinking water demand of an adult person is two litres a day. But worldwide over one Billion people do not have access to clean water

March 2009
Saving our Cultural Heritage Saving our Cultural Heritage

Parchment, made from partially-tanned animal skin, has been used since the 2nd century B.C. and it undergoes the irreparable damage caused by time

December 2007
No Bees No Fruits No Bees No Fruits

Scientists achieved an alarming result: pollinators and insect-pollinated plants in Britain and the Netherlands are declining, while the number of wild bees dramatically increases

November 2007
Desert of Europe Desert of Europe

Low precipitation, erosion, urbanization, changes in agricultural methods or intensive farming… Mediterranean countries are facing a desertification process that translates into a degradation of cultivable land, pastures and forests, as well as a noticeable loss of biodiversity

November 2007
Preventing Diseases Preventing Diseases

Insect or rodent borne human diseases have recently been reappearing in Europe. These diseases have serious health, ecological and political consequences

November 2007
Green Housing Estate Green Housing Estate

Households and cars currently contribute to more than 50% of all energy consumption in the EU. Innovative energy-efficient architecture can help to bring this percentage down

November 2007
Vanishing Lakes Vanishing Lakes

Freshwater ecosystems, already under stress from land-use change and pollution, now face additional pressures from climate change, either directly or through interaction with other drivers

November 2007
London below Sea Level London below Sea Level

London planners should prepare for the possibility that the sea level rise will be up to 94 centimetres by the end of this century. But policymakers must be on their marks and keep a watchful eye on the polar ice sheets melt rate, which might further raise the sea level up to 2 metres

November 2006