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14 May 2020
Light-emitting silicon: no longer a “holy grail” for computingLight-emitting silicon: no longer a “holy grail” for computing

If computers transmitted data using photons instead of electrons, they would perform better and devour less power. European researchers are now studying a new light-emitting alloy of silicon and germanium to obtain photonic chips, which can revolutionise computing

06 May 2020
Rebound behaviours, nudges, competition: energy saving is a matter of mindsetRebound behaviours, nudges, competition: energy saving is a matter of mindset

Lowering consumption is not as simple as introducing a new gadget. Besides implementing innovative technologies, it is necessary to stimulate an end-user behavioural change. And cognitive sciences can support energy conservation attitudes

16 April 2020
Covid-19 crisis: a stress-test for smart citiesCovid-19 crisis: a stress-test for smart cities

The Covid-19 emergency is trialling our technologies, infrastructure and laws. In this context the EU has released a common toolbox for contact tracing apps to support gradual lifting of confinement measures. From the frantic race against time to fight off the coronavirus, we will inherit scientific and technological knowledge that could make our cities smarter and better equipped to face such global crisis in the future


14 April 2020
Climate change fight still makes the EU headlines during the Covid-19 crisisClimate change fight still makes the EU headlines during the Covid-19 crisis

The coronavirus emergency won’t affect the timeline of the EU’s Green Deal. This is despite some fossil-fuel-reliant countries asking the Commission to put its flagship policy on hold, even if they stand to benefit most from the Deal's Just Transition Fund

17 March 2020
Climate change resilience through better water managementClimate change resilience through better water management

Global warming has brought about a more responsible attitude towards water consumption. A cutting edge airborne technology can save water lost through leaks while reducing energy use and carbon emissions

17 March 2020
A spray to fight depressionA spray to fight depression

Researchers are trying to investigate whether the human body has specific odours a person feels happy or sad. The aim is to develop a dispenser that can spray substances able to help patients suffering from phobias and depression

05 March 2020
Women: energy empowermentWomen: energy empowerment

Energy policy is obviously gender neutral. But should it be so?

27 February 2020
Overtourism: crowd control through ICT solutionsOvertourism: crowd control through ICT solutions

New technologies have offered a low cost and easy way to travel, but most tourist cities are failing to keep pace with managing the increased visitor flows. However, the same ICT sector is now being called on to deliver smart solutions to deal with overtourism and avoid the congestion of city centres

19 February 2020
Nudging energy saving behavioursNudging energy saving behaviours

The theory of nudges comes from behavioural science and was pioneered by Nobel-winning Richard Thaler. It is now being studied as an alternative strategy to help reduce household energy waste

16 January 2020
The bionic hand: how a crazy idea has become a medical breakthroughThe bionic hand: how a crazy idea has become a medical breakthrough

More than two decades ago, a hand prosthesis able to give back a sense of touch to amputees would have been dubbed as science fiction. Today this has been proved possible, and now the goal is to make this technology available for as many patients as possible