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03 February 2011

Tune Up Your Electric Car!

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A new invention by Italian researchers could provide a significant boost in the performance and efficiency of electric cars. “The ILHYPOS supercapacitor can improve the performance of your electric vehicle, particularly the power, efficiency and duration of the battery”, says Mario Conte project coordinator of the European Research Project ILHYPOS

The research team has redesigned the batteries which are now also able to store energy during braking and releasing it quickly during acceleration. Researchers at the University of Bologna experimented with ionic liquids which were used as the electrical conductor. The new batteries have not only a better performance, but they are also more environmentally friendly compared to traditional batteries. "These ionic liquids are non-toxic to the environment at every stage of their use. They are completely green”, claims Mario Conte.

Today, electric vehicles are still limited in operation distance and acceleration, but the first prototype with the new supercapacitor already gives a glimpse of the electric car of the future: more powerful, more efficient and also much greener than ever before. provides its content to all media free of charge. We would appreciate if you could acknowledge as the source of the content.
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