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Video Library


The Video Library contains all videos released by in the last 6 years. The Library is organised on a per-channel basis and constitutes an alternative way to quickly browse our TV reports.

Nano-TV series, showing the most recent and exciting discoveries in the area of nanotechnology research, released by in 2010 and early 2011.

Greentransport-TV series, highlight most recent innovation in the sustainable mobility sector, released by in 2010.

Health-TV series, focusing on most recent discoveries in the medical R&D and scientific field in Europe, released by in 2009.

Energy-TV  series, focusing on most recent technical developments in renewable energy systems in Europe, released by in 2008.

Global Change-TV series, focusing on a series of case studies on environmental threats in Europe, released by in 2007.

Highlight series, consisting of four short profiles of women researchers in the Czech Republic, the UK, Italy and France, released by in 2006.

Information Society-TV series (IST-TV), focusing on the benefits that the introduction of ICT may bring to our daily lives and our business, released by in 2003-2006.