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Gianluca DottiGianluca Dotti
I am a freelance science writer and journalist born in 1988 in the heart of the Po Valley in Italy. I started my career studying physics and specializing in condensed matter and applied physics.
Elias AggelopoulosElias Aggelopoulos
Since I was a kid, about three decades ago, I’ve been interested in everything that had to do with books, music, newspapers, magazines, science and technology gadgets.
Corinna BarnstedtCorinna Barnstedt
I grew up in the USA and Switzerland before moving to Germany.  After obtaining a honour’s degree in geography from the University of Hamburg, I took a journalism traineeship at JahresZeiten Verlag .
Marco BoscoloMarco Boscolo
My first love is radio. In 2004, I started as a contributor to a show broadcasted on a local radio in Bologna, called Radio Città del Capo.
Constanze BöttcherConstanze Böttcher
My need to understanding the world has always been linked to my passion for nature. I grew up close to the Wadden Sea in Germany. It was therefore very natural for me to dig up worms from the mud flats during my biology degree.
Sorina BuzatuSorina Buzatu
It was by chance that I became a science journalist. I was covering the field of education at the national Romanian news agency Agerpres. It was my first job after graduating from journalism school.
Hywel CurtisHywel Curtis
I have a background in physics and have long been interested in scientific laws that work on vastly different scales.
Marta EsparMarta Espar
I went into science journalism by chance. Now, I love this job, which I’ve been doing now for over 15 years. Telling people's stories makes me feel good because information allows us to make the right decisions.
Arran FroodArran Frood
I am writer and freelance science journalist, currently residing in Bristol, UK. I started working as a freelance science writer in 2000.
Corinna HackenbrochCorinna Hackenbroch
I can truthfully say that I am working in my dream job. During my university studies of Journalism at the University of Karlsruhe and Media Studies at the University of Tübingen, I started freelancing and made several internships at radio stations, TV production companies and newspapers.
Alexander HellemansAlexander Hellemans
I am a science journalist with a particular interest in current research and in the application of science to technology, energy, and basic problems of society.
Martin InceMartin Ince
Like many science journalists, I was educated as a scientist, to be exact, in geology and chemistry. I soon realised that I am better at writing about science than doing it.
Anthony King
I’ve been contributing science stories to newspapers, magazines and websites for many years. I studied science in Trinity College Dublin and science communications in Dublin City University.
Elena LeddaElena Ledda
I enjoy the challenge of conveying complicated issues in a easy-to-understand and accurate way, as non-scientist. My interest toward issues that have a strong social impact brought me to cover environmental related issues.
Koen MortelmansKoen Mortelmans
I am a Belgium-based freelance journalist, mainly writing about energy , environment , construction and science.
Sergio PistoiSergio Pistoi
I am a freelance  science writer  and an award-winning  book author  with a PhD in molecular biology. My journalistic credits include Scientific American, Reuters, the New Scientist, Nature and many others.
Hannah SchmidtHannah Schmidt
I studied Marine Environmental Science and Arts and Media at the University of Oldenburg, Germany. As a scientific diver and ranger I used to explore the sea of Antarctica and around the Scottish Orkney Islands, as well as the bird wildlife of the North Sea.
Mary SweetmanMary Sweetman
I am a science and business writer, journalist and editor. I have written extensively about all areas of science and technology from proteins to photons. My current interests include sustainable energy and the environment.
Luca Tancredi BaroneLuca Tancredi Barone
Back in 1998, when my grandmother looked at my university thesis on  blue compact dwarf galaxies , she asked me, puzzled, "what  exactly  do you use this for?" I then realised that, perhaps, I had to reconsider my career ambitions.
Thijs Westerbeek van EertenThijs Westerbeek van Eerten
Even as a child I’ve always been the kind of boy who would take an alarm clock apart, just to see inside. I want to know how things work and why, what makes them tick so-to-speak.