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Elias Aggelopoulos

Since I was a kid, about three decades ago, I’ve been interested in everything that had to do with books, music, newspapers, magazines, science and technology gadgets. So, when it was time to take decisions on my professional future, about two decades ago, I tried to combine most of my interests.

I studied mass media and journalism at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens ( and in 1996 I started working as a newspaper science and technology editor.

Since then I’ve worked in several newspapers, magazines and websites. As a science and technology editor I’ve worked at Eleftherotypia ( , Makedonia and Thessaloniki newspapers, and portals, Netizen magazine, for which I was editor-in-chief, and Popular Science magazine.

In addition, I have worked as a newspaper managing copy editor in several Greek newspapers, as communication manager for members of the Greek Parliament and for Thessaloniki's Integrated Transport Authority, among others. Furthermore, I’m a lecturer of Journalism at private educational institutions.

Since October 2012 I’m working as science editor in Science View, a science communication and popularisation consultancy. I’m now working as a managing copy editor at Espresso newspaper and I am editor-in-chief of the E&T magazine of the Greek general secretariat for research and technology.

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COP 21 wave - Towards a new era in the green construction sectorCOP 21 wave - Towards a new era in the green construction sector

The impacts of the Paris Agreement on green business environment: The role of the private and public sectors, the effects in terms of legislative & legal frameworks and possible benefits for novel construction materials

01 Feb 2016
Speeding up nature’s oil spill cleanersSpeeding up nature’s oil spill cleaners

Bacteria in the sea slowly break up oil naturally. But artificially providing them with thriving growth conditions could accelerate oil spill mop-ups. 

08 Sep 2014
Safety and Security
Towards effective spatial mosquito repellentTowards effective spatial mosquito repellent

Repellents derived from Greek herb extracts show potent effects against malaria carrying mosquitoes. They constitute a more sustainable solution that traditional repellent.

01 Apr 2014
Smart Devices
Professor Kostas Iatrou – Combatting malaria using natural mosquito repellentsProfessor Kostas Iatrou – Combatting malaria using natural mosquito repellents

Repellents derived from Greek herb extracts show potent effects, as spatial repellents, against malaria carrying mosquitoes, and possibly others.

01 Apr 2014
Culture and Leisure
Ensuring cultural heritage protectionEnsuring cultural heritage protection

Transit exhibitions and artwork loaning may lead to mistreatments or damages of art pieces, exposure to sudden environmental changes and to the risk of fraud. 

14 Oct 2013
Radar exposing water leaksRadar exposing water leaks

A wide range of technologies deal with water leaks. But the most recent innovative solutions aim to be far more effective than any other prior technologies.

07 Aug 2013
Culture and Leisure
Multi-sensors fire shieldMulti-sensors fire shield

A new system called FIRESENSE detects fire and extreme weather conditions and could become the best insurance to protect cultural heritage monuments from fire and other hazards

13 Feb 2013