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Hannah Schmidt

I studied Marine Environmental Science and Arts and Media at the University of Oldenburg, Germany. As a scientific diver and ranger I used to explore the sea of Antarctica and around the Scottish Orkney Islands, as well as the bird wildlife of the North Sea.

In 2007, I won at short film festival ‘zwergWERK’ the 3rd price of the SpontanouslyDone contest.

I am currently doing a traineeship at the film production company Leonardo Film in Oldenburg, Germany and am realising video news releases for

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Microbes – The New Bioplastic FactoriesMicrobes – The New Bioplastic Factories

European scientists are experimenting with bacteria and algae and turn them into bioplastic factories. Their vision: these microorganisms should produce a large portion of our plastic materials without any petroleum.

06 Jul 2014
Eating Insects - New Proteins for Farm AnimalsEating Insects - New Proteins for Farm Animals

It may not become your favorite dish, but in some parts of the world insects are considered a healthy and tasty source of food. In China animal farmers are using insects also as a low-cost and highly nutritious animal feed. Now nutrition experts are investigating how this protein-rich feed could be introduced to farmers in Europe. 

01 Apr 2014
Smart Devices
New Blood Test for SchizophreniaNew Blood Test for Schizophrenia

Currently the diagnosis of most mental illnesses is based on conversations and questionnaires. These could now be supported by a new low-cost blood test developed within the European research project SchizDX.

11 Feb 2014
Too tasty for your own goodToo tasty for your own good

Scientists are attempting to tackle obesity by exploring ways of helping people stay healthy. One research project aims at producing junk-free, albeit tasty, food, whereas another looks at better understanding food consumption stimuli.

27 Dec 2013
Fighting the childhood obesity crisisFighting the childhood obesity crisis

Scientists are studying the genetic, social and dietary factors influencing child obesity.

10 Dec 2013
Fighting superbugsFighting superbugs

Detection of the emergence of antibiotic resistance in near real-time could contribute to fighting this recurrent problem

18 Nov 2013
More Crops per Drop!More Crops per Drop!

Fighting droughts with modern technology

11 Jul 2013
Cleaning oil spills with paper mill sludgeCleaning oil spills with paper mill sludge

Millions of tons of paper industry waste could soon be reused into a green solution to mop up oil or chemical spills.

25 Feb 2013
Future Tech
The Ecological Badminton RobotThe Ecological Badminton Robot

A robot to play with! A childhood’s dream has now come true for researchers at the Flanders’ Mechatronics Technology Centre (FMTC) in Belgium. 

29 Jan 2013
Citizen FoodieCitizen Foodie

A new approach of civic participation seeking to help determine the future food and health research aims to support the adoption of healthy eating habits

13 Sep 2012