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Hywel Curtis

I have a background in physics and have long been interested in scientific laws that work on vastly different scales. As a professional journalist I am well versed in Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle for example; where I can know precisely when the deadline is or exactly how much work I have left, but not both at the same time!

But what consistently motivates me more is people in science. I enjoying knowing about the people that keep research moving, as well as those tasked with reviewing and evaluating it all levels. As a communications consultant and writer working with people all around the world, I work at the interface of those in the know and those they are trying to explain things to, and the different variations in which this activity can manifest itself are fascinating.

As a contributor I have interviewed and discussed the latest research in Europe with a variety of experts on several topics. The appetite for finding solutions to the very biggest problems of our time by Europeans is clear, and I feel privileged to observe the fantastic work done from a writer's viewpoint.

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Revamping nanotubesRevamping nanotubes

Recycling carbon nanotube waste into nanocomposite plastic materials for industrial purposes may not be as easy as recycling plastic.

23 Jan 2013
Profile: Paul Finglas, food web mastermindProfile: Paul Finglas, food web mastermind

Paul Finglas coordinates a scientific information network on food, performing a daily balancing act to keep all the food ingredients on the radar

10 Jul 2012
Take your medicine – or is it just food?Take your medicine – or is it just food?

A new database of information on food ingredients will help clarify the fuzzy boundary between food supplements and herbal medicines across Europe

10 Jul 2012
Juggling with air pollutant dataJuggling with air pollutant data

Models integrating air quality and climate change data will help reaching compliance with new emission targets

14 May 2012