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Sergio Pistoi

I am a freelance science writer and an award-winning book author with a PhD in molecular biology. My journalistic credits include Scientific American, Reuters, the New Scientist, Nature and many others. As a consultant, I help scientists communicating their work to the public and the media. I like to produce and read/hear/watch stories that are compelling, sharp-sighted and accurate.  Read more

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Rapid tests for coronavirus and their accuracyRapid tests for coronavirus and their accuracy

Even with the advent of vaccines, strategies for rapid and affordable testing for COVID-19 are still paramount. The lack of evidence that the current vaccines can completely stop people from being infected and the emergence of virus variants make widespread testing crucial. But what do we mean as a “rapid” test and how do they compare to “standard” ones?

08 Mar 2021
Is your home healthy? Ask the DNAIs your home healthy? Ask the DNA

Genetic investigations are the latest tool for busting unsafe microorganisms and improving air quality in buildings

10 Apr 2017
Do microbes control our mood?Do microbes control our mood?

Research on gut bacteria may change the way we look at anxiety, depression, and behavioural disorders

17 Oct 2016
Which is more wholesome: wild or farmed fish?Which is more wholesome: wild or farmed fish?

Science gives us a heads-up for choosing at the counter and helps in the struggle to save the global fish stocks

05 Jul 2016
Cyber attacks – Are smart cities safer or more vulnerable?Cyber attacks – Are smart cities safer or more vulnerable?

Does technology expose cities more to terrorist attacks? We asked urban technology expert Francis Pisani

25 May 2016
The Social Life of BricksThe Social Life of Bricks

A celebrity in the materials world, Mark Miodownik dreams of colour-changing walls and looks at the future of renewable buildings

20 Apr 2016
Power of the Sun. Dirt cheapPower of the Sun. Dirt cheap

In a world hungry for energy, top scientist Michael Grätzel hopes to make solar cells more affordable by copying photosynthesis

14 Mar 2016
Digging into the DNA for a successful dietDigging into the DNA for a successful diet

Genetically-tailored diets are in vogue. But do they work?

25 Feb 2016
Marco Lodesani: Lessons from the Italian ban on pesticidesMarco Lodesani: Lessons from the Italian ban on pesticides

Exposure to sub-lethal doses of neonicotinoids may have a long-term effect on bees. One of Italy’s top bee researchers recommends a ban on insecticide-coated seeds and in reintroducing rotating cultures against pests invasion.

02 May 2013
A sticky solution against beef bacteriaA sticky solution against beef bacteria

Scientists are targeting disease-causing bacteria present on cows’ skin as an attempt to prevent them from contaminating beef meat, and from posing a threat to consumers’ health. 

19 Feb 2013