The Dawn of Life
The Dawn of Life The main thing about reaching a ripe old age seems to be about cracking the nut of those diseases affecting organ systems deriving substantially or exclusively from mesodermal cells, such as heart, vascular system, blood, kidneys, skeleton and musculature.
One Gene, One Vision
One Gene, One Vision Since his seminal 1994 discovery of the Pax-6 gene as the universal master switch of eye formation, Professor Walter Gehring had to prove his point by expressing the mouse gene on the wings and legs of the fruit fly.
The Secret of Sudden Death
The Secret of Sudden Death Unlocking the mystery of that 5% of sudden cardiac deaths which are not caused by any apparent anatomic abnormality points to a group of inherited gene mutations in the heart’s ion channels.
Breaking the vicious cycle of antibiotic resistant bacteria
Breaking the vicious cycle of antibiotic resistant bacteria Bacteria and other microorganisms that cause infections are remarkably resilient and can develop ways to survive drugs meant to kill or weaken them.
Breathtaking Fight Against Cancer
Breathtaking Fight Against Cancer A new revolutionary method has been developed by a European consortium of scientists to improve diagnosis of lung cancer, with clinical study centers in Innsbruck and Rostock.
Restoring the Magic of a Miracle Drug
Restoring the Magic of a Miracle Drug “We need our own kind of Kyoto treaty for antibiotics: the point is, we should treat antibiotics as a non-renewable source”, says professor Antonio Cassone, research director of the Italian Istituto Superiore di Sanità.
Satellites Against Skin Cancer
Satellites Against Skin Cancer Sun is bad for our skin. Even if we are aware of this, it is hard to resist wanting a suntan. For this reason, melanoma occurrences have been rising steadily in Europe since 1930.
Healthy Heart's at Home
Healthy Heart's at Home A new range of garments will soon be out. Gucci? Prada? - Not this time. The emphasis here is not fashion but prevention of chronic disease.
The Answer to Dry Mouth
The Answer to Dry Mouth A microchip placed in the mouth can improve the life of people that suffer from Xerostomia, a condition that affects saliva production in the mouth.
e-Anatomy Now in a test phase at the Université Libre in Brussels, new ‘VAKHUM’ software can create 3-D models of the human body. The system will soon be applied for treatment in orthopaedic wards.
Protecting Patient Data
Protecting Patient Data For every physician and patient, reduction of medical error is a priority issue. 10% of diagnoses and prescriptions are estimated to be flawed.
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