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Corinna Hackenbroch

I can truthfully say that I am working in my dream job. During my university studies of Journalism at the University of Karlsruhe and Media Studies at the University of Tübingen, I started freelancing and made several internships at radio stations, TV production companies and newspapers.

After one year living and working as production assistant in New Zealand, I came back to Germany in 2006. That’s when I started working for Leonardo Film as a Producer and Director.

Since then, I have developed and produced national and international documentaries which have been broadcasted for example on ARTE, ARD, NDR, WDR, RB, YLE, Deutsche Welle. In 2010 I also was selected for the Discovery Campus Masterschool, which was a great experience.  

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Microbes clean up the oceansMicrobes clean up the oceans

Oil spills and plastic waste are polluting our oceans – destroying marine life and contaminating beaches. Now scientists are exploring how they can get microbes to degrade these substances more effectively and thus reduce the pollution in the sea.

09 Sep 2014
New drug tackles transplant complicationsNew drug tackles transplant complications

To reduce the number of discards and thus make more kidneys available, researchers and medical scientists from the European consortium MABSOT have created a new drug called OPN-305 to reduce inflammation of the donor organ after transplantation.

02 Sep 2014
Smart Devices
Unraveling The Human BrainUnraveling The Human Brain

2014 is the Year of The Brain in Europe, a programme to raise awareness to our most important and most fascinating organ. Understanding the human brain, and getting unprecedented insights into its mysterious processes, is the aim of one of Europe´s mammoth research projects: The Human Brain Project.

08 Apr 2014
Restore History and Save EnergyRestore History and Save Energy

A brand new window with thin-layer glazing combines energy efficiency with the aesthetics of a baroque window. 

29 Jan 2014
Rescuing Swiss HeritageRescuing Swiss Heritage

Strickbau buildings in Appenzell appear to be on the verge of disappearance. 

29 Nov 2012
Niklaus Ledergerber: "Reviving Strickbau wood log houses"Niklaus Ledergerber: "Reviving Strickbau wood log houses"

A conservation effort in Appenzell, Switzerland,  could lead to the revival of local heritage buildings made with the unique Strickbau construction technique

28 Nov 2012
Whipping Swiss cottages into green shipshapeWhipping Swiss cottages into green shipshape

By making Strickbau wood log building more energy efficient, scientists are participating to their revival and use for modern living

28 Nov 2012
Fibers as immune system boostersFibers as immune system boosters

A new EU-backed study aims at scientifically prove claims that fibres called polysaccharides help boost the immune system

17 Aug 2012
The Artificial FingerThe Artificial Finger

To touch something is to understand it – emotionally and cognitive. It´s one of our important six senses, which we use and need in our daily lives. But accidents or illnesses can disrupt us from our sense of touch

19 Jul 2012
Nano Nose Smells CancerNano Nose Smells Cancer

New methods relying on an electronic nose and optoacoustics to improve prostate cancer diagnosis techniques and avoid fatal treatment delays 

31 May 2012